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We firmly believe that open ,honest and direct communication is effective for achieving mutual understanding , success comes with the persistent efforts and positive thinking .

Shenzhen BRL rubber Established in year 2006, with its rich R&D resources and manufacturing experience,has been a basic
manufacuture and supplier producing conductive elastomer in sheets,gaskets,strip,O ring etc,Thermal Interface Materials and
TPV/TPE etc,which providing creative solution to improve the reliability of electronics equipments,EMI shielding and environmental
seals .
Our Headquarters is a national advanced technology and technology enterprise in Zhongguancun Science Park.With
significant support from the Ministry of Science and Technology ,Beijing technology committee, were included in the gazelle
plan.The plan is to promote high-tech and high-growth-rate enterprises in the park. As many as 500 enterprises were included in the
Company covering an area of 40 acres , have the annual sales of nearly 100 million,With the professional and experienced R&D
teams about 15 reseach staff . including 4 of high professional title , 5 of master's degree personnel.
Elastomer research center of Beijing uninversity of chemical technology take an active part in R&D and enhance the cooperation
with our company for the project reseach and development . This reseach centre is the important part of the Beijing key laboratory of
process and equipment design for high polymer material and Ministry of Education's key laboratory of process and equipment design
for nanometer materials.with the Principal Investigators who 's been awarded as Changjiang Scholar" by Ministry of Education and
National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars . We have experienced and professional teams listed as 10 of professor , 6 of
postdoctoral researcher , 30 of doctoral students , 150 of postgraduate,which will guarantee the technical supports for the product
design and development .
BRL focus on being the professional manufacture of special rubber at the whole world.not only providing the more
reliable ,excellent quality products,but also offering more choice for our business parner at products innovation,promotioon on the
value-added products and products competitiveness.
We are ready to provide customers the most efficient and effective reliability solutions

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Silver coated aluminum (Ag/Al)
Silver coated aluminum (Ag/Al)
co-extruded fluorosilicone
co-extruded fluorosilicone
Ni/C+Silicone extruded
Ni/C+Silicone extruded
nickel graphite filled (Ni/C)
nickel graphite filled (Ni/C)
Ni/C gasket
Ni/C gasket
Ag/Al gasket
Ag/Al gasket

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Keeping with the principle of "Being professional,efficient " ,Brilliance rubber focus on being the professional manufacture of special rubber at the whole world,providing customers the most efficient and effective reliability solutions .

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